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Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Forest Art can be created in any size, and while here at Forage + Design we think larger-the-better, there are those pieces dear to our heart, created with love, and unique to our clients’ homes. One of our favorite parts before starting the project is the process of learning the vision of the individual’s custom Forest Art design and how it resembles them, their family, and ties into their home décor.

Once we know the location and size of your Forest Art, we then evaluate and choose the moss materials that will create the design that aligns with your overall creative specifications and maintenance preferences.

Many of our most loved and asked Forest Art pieces are created with incredibly lush mosses and cascading plant species that give a natural look and feel as if you stepped into the West Coast Forests of Oregon.

Our Top Design Options

Organic and Lush Design: "Westcoast Dream"

Inspired from a lush West Coast Forest climate this gorgeous piece highlights some of our favorite ingredients!

Our client was looking for a moody and monochromatic green design peacefully displayed between the kitchen and living room space. An eye-catching waterfall effect of ferns mimic a rock wall in the forest where moisture would naturally catch and give the perfect habitat for plants to flourish.

Design Specs:

Residential: 6’ Height x 3’ Width

Frame: Black with metallic sparkle

Moss & Plant Species: Fern moss, sheet moss, mood moss, mix of lush ferns with hanging Amaranthus

Maintenance: Fern required to be replaced every 1 – 2 years

Cost: $2,340

We also delight in a modern and colorful rendition of design application featuring different moss species in distinct intermingling of textures to create a dance of color and rhythm.

Modern & Lush Design: “Bacio “

Our client had a large empty open space above the split ceiling where we chose to feature a frame with as much length as possible and a height to compliment the landscape design while keeping within the client’s budget.

Soft and textural elements dance together creating an exciting journey of rhythm and connection. Each character has a playful expression and individual place to shine within the grand story.

Design Specs:

Residential: 2.5’ Height x 7’ Length

Frame: Matt black

Moss species: Reindeer lichen, pole moss, mood moss, sheet moss

Maintenance: Minimal winter conditioning

Cost: $2,291

Each of our homes are unique and a special responsibility to create the perfect Forest Art. Created not only to heighten the beauty of your living space but also speak to your heart. Our art reflects the calm vibes of the forest while inspiring us to enjoy the many textures and color found amongst the natural forest around the places we live and travel through.

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