Meet The Team


Heidi Bekker

Each Forest Art creation is designed, crafted and grown by our Chief Designer: Heidi Bekker. Heidi is passionate about creating art that inspires wonder in our natural world.

She has a unique passion and gift for recreating the natural beauty of the backcountry in each design. Heidi has been working with living plants for years, and incorporates preserved forest elements as her product media to build "Forest Art".

Heidi is an avid gardener and spends as much time as she can in the forest - whether in the summer with her dog, or in the winter with her snowboard. After each adventure, she returns with even more excitement to create art that reflects the beauty that has been revealed to her.



Meet the Shop dog


This forest adventure extrordinar travels with Heidi most everywhere.


Whether running down sandy beaches in Nova Scotia or rock climbing in the Canadian Rockies. Meet Kniven. Kniven is passionate about food, exciting hikes, sunbathing and staring deep into your eyes. Kniven is a professional trained tracker with what we think has a 4 year old human brain.

Good luck getting into the studio!


Dana Adams

Dana is our behind the scenes girl. She helps to ensure clients can connect with our chief designer to create unique forest art they love; she even has one hanging in her dining room.


 Hailing originally from Victoria, BC, Dana has travelled the globe but has returned to her beloved pacific northwest. When not managing SEO or the website for work, she’s most likely painting, hiking with her crazy Vizsla, or watching the latest sci-fi.

"Forage + Design is about bringing life into homes and commercial spaces. There's no place more peaceful and full of life than the forest. I want to bring that peace and life into the spaces we occupy each day."  Heidi