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we are inspired to create art
that is an inspiration to you

Forage + Design creates Forest Art for commercial and residential spaces through our incredible Moss Walls. 


We are committed to designing with sustainable products in a way that inspires and brings meaning and conversation through the love we share of the great outdoors. Our goal is to create green interior spaces for work and play. 


As nature lovers, we desire bringing a healing and calm connection to our daily lives. To us, there's no place more peaceful and full of life than the forest. 


We are a preserved moss wall company dedicated to meticulous design and installation down to our ongoing maintenance programs. We devote our best in everyday operations while curating lasting client relationships.


What Differentiates Forage + Design:


  1. Our quality and timely delivery.

  2. Our commitment to clear and transparent communication. 

  3. Our experience in harsh interior building climates.

  4. Our after-care maintenance programs.

Meet the designer


Hi, I'm Heidi!

Each Forest Art creation is designed and crafted by our Chief Designer: Heidi Bekker. Heidi is passionate about creating art that inspires wonder in our natural world.

She has a unique passion and gift for recreating the natural beauty of the backcountry in each design. Heidi has been working with living plants for years, and incorporates preserved forest elements as her product media to build "Forest Art".

Heidi is an avid gardener and spends as much time as she can in the forest - whether in the summer with her dogs, or in the winter with her snowboard. After each adventure, she returns with even more excitement to create art that reflects the beauty that has been revealed to her.

"Forage + Design is about bringing life into homes and commercial spaces. There's no place more peaceful and full of life than the forest. I want to bring that peace and life into the spaces we occupy each day."  Heidi

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