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Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Forage + Design recently celebrated 7 years in business! Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement over this incredible journey.

Over the years we have developed a collaborative and involved approach to design the best Forest Art for each of our clients. Each step of the process is to ensure we deliver in designing Forest Art that fits your space and your vision.

Head over to where you can find more information on our website

In the meantime! let's look at what creating Forest Art looks like!

1) Collaborate & Consult:

Let's connect! Whether it is via email, in-person, or video chat, we want to take some time to explore your ideas and to walk you through how we can meet your expectations.

2) Site Assessment:

We need to get a feel for the space. A site assessment allows us to provide recommendations on how Forest Art can style a room, lobby space, or boardroom while also addressing any questions about installation and maintenance.

3) Design:

Whether you are looking for a monochromatic single moss variety or a more complex design incorporating many species of mosses and plants, this is where we design to specification. We draft a design that is unique and one-of-a-kind for our client’s commercial lobby or home living room.

Don't worry! We will send over a visual concept for approval prior to creating.

4) Create:

This is where the magic happens! Our main designer, Heidi, visualizes and focuses on the execution of each project; while the studio gets busy with moss cuttings, templating tools and other elements to bring your design to life. We work in close collaboration with all our moss suppliers, skilled carpenters, and logo/signage specialists.

Every project has unique requirements and we have acquired an incredibly valued relationship with all our suppliers.

5) Installation:

Depending on the size/scale of the project we completely take care of all project installations to ensure all elements are met with our standards of excellence and care. For larger installations, we will work with the site builders to manage any additional logistics prior to installation.

For our home installations this is a much simpler installation where we would come in with our team and install the ready-to-go framed Forest Art and all we need from you is to be let in the front door.

6) Maintenance:

In the chance where your Forest Art requires an on-going maintenance program, we can completely take care of any needs to ensure your new installation looks amazing from day 1.

Western Canada has a very harsh climate even indoors because of heaters turning on in the winter lowering humidity, to the harsh UV rays of the sun. We factor all these elements prior to designing. Maintenance is never an afterthought. Longevity of our Forest Art should last anywhere between 8-10 years with appropriate maintenance.

We love making beautiful green spaces whether in homes or places of work. Forest Art is an incredible application to incorporate more green in our day.

Let us know what you would like to see more of in our Forest Art designs? We are always thinking what we can be create next!

Till next time!

- Heidi

(owner/chief design)

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