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Design through Forest Art:

We humans love being connected to nature in the choices and areas we find solitude, rest, energy, and connection. Many studies show the benefits of incorporating nature, including spending time outdoors, increases our mental and physical health. It’s a well-known concept for most of us, unless you live under a rock , and yet, it's still nature under there!

How about our indoor urban spaces? We spend much of our time in buildings, especially if you live in the northern parts of Canada. Architects, designers, and plant specialists have been creating spaces that connect nature for the benefits of what green design does to our health. We see increased productivity, reduced stress, and boosts of happiness.

Ever walk through a forest and notice the mosses growing on trees and on the ground? As a kid, have you felt the delightful moist, spongy moss between your toes?

Preserved moss is our main material of choice when creating our one-of-a-kind Forest Art.

Forest Art is created using sustainably harvested mosses and plants along with incorporating other natural elements. All mosses and plants are preserved with plant-based glycerin to stabilize the elements as if they were still living, but no longer needing water or light from this point forward. This process does not dry out the mosses and plants but instead keeps the elements soft and pliable. One of our favorite parts when connecting with our clients is to see their delightful responses when they feel how soft our mosses are.

Each of our art projects are designed with the same meticulous attention to detail while being built and installed to excellence.

Forest Art can be created for so many spaces, the imagination is really the limit! From commercial lobbies and offices to residential dining room homes, our goal is to create delight in the spaces we live in each day.

Here are a few of our favorite project installations.

‘Woodland Rhythm’

An updated restoration project from an out-of-date directory to an incredible 3D lobby focal point. A luxurious piece completes with a layer of preserved ferns for mystery and intrigue.


A custom piece for a newly renovated ranch style home. Texture and movement were created for a cohesive and relaxing design.

‘Chinook Winds’

Swirls of texture in rich shades of green, lush moss were designed using inspiration from the warm winter wind, characteristic to Calgary, Alberta’s weather patterns.

Forest Art is an excellent option of green design without the care that living plants need. Connect with us about the possibilities of how we can elevate your space with a stunning focal point!

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