The Design Studio

Forage + Design is about bringing life into commercial spaces and homes. There's no place more peaceful and full of life than the forest. Our goal is to create beauty in your everyday work and play. 


Forest Art is a modern art style of using preserved pieces of nature such as mosses, plants and wood to create multidimensional art. We support the biophilia theory of bringing nature into indoor places.


Each project is handcrafted using sustainable harvested, natural elements to paint a captivating image of the forest's beauty. All elements are preserved so that the colours and vibrancy are maintained.


No watering is required as this will damage the elements, so put your watering can away!




                                             to work with our Chief Designer, Heidi directly. 

Moss art; calgary artist making moss art or a moss wall

We are inspired to create art that is an inspiration to you.