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Beautifully Designed & Sustainably Foraged

Commercial and Residential Moss Walls


Forest Art is a modern art style of using preserved pieces of nature to create multidimensional art. We support the biophilia theory of bringing nature into indoor places.


Our moss walls are designed with the use of a variety of preserved mosses, plants, wood, and other natural elements to deliver a custom, natural, and sustainable design for each client.


The moss we use is real and has been preserved. This means your Forest Art does not require any water or light - easy maintenance.



We design for all spaces.  From cozy residential reading rooms to large corporate statement walls.


Through our design process, we will work with you to customize a textural Forest Art that will be a conversation piece for any commercial space or private clinic.


Forage + Design also thrives in working with individuals to design a stunning focal point for your dining room and/or living spaces.



Our studio is located in Calgary, Alberta where we are surrounded by some of the best nature has to offer.  We are inspired by natural forest structures and draw artistic inspiration from each unique ecosystem. Each custom moss project is chiseled out of focus, creativity, and the love of handcrafted design.

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