Forest Art

Forage + Design is a Canadian art studio that specializes in the use of sustainably foraged and harvested, natural elements to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces for homes and commercial spaces. 

Each piece is handcrafted using mosses, lichen, ferns, branches, bark, driftwood and other natural elements to paint a captivating image of the forest’s beauty. All elements are preserved so that the colours and vibrancy are maintained. 




Custom Order Inquiry


Our Chief Designer can visit your space and work with you to creatively plan a Forest Art creation that would best suit and fit perfectly into the environment. To give us an idea of your project details click on our Custom Order Inquiry to get you started!



For major orders, such as large walls or multi-dimensional surfaces, the Forest Art may need to be crafted on-site and installed by our team.


Our art is made to be easily installed, but should a more complex design be desired, we have the ability to completely take care of the installation.


Contact us at to work with our Chief Designer, Heidi directly. 


We are inspired to create art that is an inspiration to you.

Our Frames

We believe that beautiful art should be beautifully framed.


We work with local artisans that handcraft wooden frames that tastefully suit each Forest Art creation.


We offer two styles of frames:

  • a stained style; and

  • a repurposed style.

Our stained style is a lumbered spruce frame stained with your choice of Oak, Dark Oak, Dark Walnut or Antique Mahogany stain finish. We use environmentally friendly stains.


Our repurposed style is made using salvaged and repurposed wood. No two frames are the same in this style, and the frame is typically a conversation piece in itself.